A decision by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will enable Yonatan Heilo, who killed a man who sexually abused him, to face the next parole board and request an early release.

Yonatan Heilo in court

Yonatan Heilo in court Photo credit: Noam Moshkovitz/Channel 2 News

Yonatan Heilo, who was convicted of killing a man who sexually assaulted him, is expected to be released from prison soon after Israeli President Reuven Rivlin decided to shorten his sentence.

According to the decision, which was made following a recommendation from Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, Heilo’s jail sentence will be reduced from 12 years to 10 years and eight months, making it possible for him to appear before the next parole board.

A statement released by Rivlin’s office said the decision was made “after taking into account the rehabilitation process Heilo went through in the past year” as well as his “unique medical condition” and the “special circumstances” involved.

After crushing the skull of the man who had assaulted him sexually several times, Heilo was initially charged with murder but was later found not guilty. He was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 12 years in prison.