Israeli President Reuven Rivlin toured the scene where 23-year-old Hadas Malka was murdered in a terror attack on Friday evening. Rivlin met with Israel Border Police officers and commanders and thanked them for their service.

Rivlin in Jerusalem, today

Rivlin in Jerusalem, today Photo credit: Mark Neiman/GPO/Channel 2 News

On Monday morning, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited the scene of the deadly terror attack that took place on Friday in Jerusalem and claimed the life of 23-year-old Hadas Malka. During his visit, Rivlin met with Israel Border Police officers and commanders in the field and thanked them for their service.

At the scene, the president heard first-hand from the commanders about the challenge that is hidden in the attempt to maintain the fabric of life in the city while at the same time protecting the civilians. “Thank you, my dear [ones],” Rivlin told the Israel Border Police officers. “We have been placing guardians around the Jerusalem walls for thousands of years, every generation and generation. We are here as part of the need to allow all citizens to walk freely in Jerusalem without fear. Even if there are threats, you stand and confront them just as those who came before you did.”

“Only 50 years have passed since I was among the soldiers who liberated Jerusalem, and after me, the generations continued to protect Jerusalem, and this is also what your children will do,” he added. “I came here today to thank you one more time. Your protection also enables all citizens to move freely in Jerusalem.”