A violent robbery in broad daylight in Modi’in was caught on camera today. The two assailants attacked a young man near his car, handcuffed him and fled the scene with his bag. The victim was slightly injured and taken to a local hospital.

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Masked robbers attacked a young man today (Thursday) in a parking lot in Modi’in. The assailants apparently followed the young man for a while until they robbed him. The young man was slightly injured by the robbers and transported to a local hospital.

In the footage of the robbery, the two assailants are seen opening the door of the victim’s car, fighting violently with him and then handcuffing him. After a few seconds, the robbers are seen snatching a bag from the victim and running toward a scooter on which they fled the scene.

Local police officers are still searching for the suspects. Magen David Adom paramedics were rushed to the scene and transported the slightly injured victim to a hospital.