While the late night rocket fire toward Eilat probably caught many Israelis off guard, Channel 2 News commentator Roni Daniel says that it shouldn’t have surprised anyone due to the complication situations in Gaza, Egypt and Sinai. Daniel also believes that the rocket fire will continue periodically as the murderous terrorist organization in Sinai grows.

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According to Channel 2 News commentator Roni Daniel, the rocket fire toward Eilat late last night (Wednesday) should not have come as a surprise. The former IDF officer stated today that the complicated situations in Sinai, Gaza and Egypt are to blame for the rocket fire.

Daniel highlights that the relationships between the three main players along Israel’s southern border, ISIS in Sinai, the Egyptian government in Egypt and Hamas in Gaza, change all the time. Even though ISIS considers Hamas members infidels, the two terrorist organizations still assist each other.


ISIS Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

On the other hand, Daniel notes that the Egyptians are fighting against ISIS in Sinai with all of their abilities while trying to get Hamas to join the Egyptian Army in the fight against the terrorists. This is one of the reasons why the Rafah Border Crossing was reopened recently.

In Daniel’s opinion, this situation of complicated relationships, so-called partnerships and full blown battles will most likely remain the reality for some time, which means that Israel will occasionally be the target of rocket attacks as the murderous terrorist organization in Sinai grows and gets stronger. Even though the ISIS terrorists in Sinai have not placed Israel as their top-priority target, Daniel believes that Israel is an important target nonetheless.