Following yesterday’s heavy rocket fire from Gaza and the hits in Netivot and the Eshkol Regional Council, residents of southern Israel and educational institutes tighten security.

Fragments of the rocket from Gaza that struck Netivot.

Fragments of the rocket from Gaza that struck Netivot. Photo Credit: Israel Police.

Netivot was hit for the first time since Operation Protective Edge in yesterday’s heavy projectile attacks from Gaza on southern Israeli towns. Shortly after 12:30 AM on Wednesday morning, a rocket hit the city’s stadium, causing damage to the building. No casualties were reported.

Additional damage was reported at a residential house in one of the communities in the Eshkol Regional Council. There were no casualties in this incident as well.

In light of the tension in the area, education institutions in the south were instructed today to continue with routine activities but with a number of restrictions: the security has been heightened and students are banned from assembling at the courtyards; transportation to schools will be on routes not exposed to the border fence.

The Israeli Home Front Command issued a series of special instructions to the towns near the Gaza border fence, including forbidding any gatherings of more than 500 people in open areas and 1,000 people in closed spaces.

Dozens of rocket and mortar launches from within the Strip were detected last night. Most of the projectiles were successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome system. The Israeli Air Force responded to the extensive attack by bombing 65 targets of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad throughout the Gaza Strip.