Hundreds of people gathered outside of the UNESCO center in Rome in order to protest against the organization’s resolution that questions the Jewish people’s historical roots to Jerusalem’s holy sites.

The protest in Rome

The protest in Rome Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Hundreds of people gathered today (Wednesday) in order to protest outside the UNESCO center in Rome, Italy against the organization’s decision that denies the Jewish people’s historical roots to the Jerusalem holy sites. The protest was organized by Il Foglio, a right-wing newspaper, and right-wing organizations.

Government officials as well as most politicians and Vatican officials chose not to attend the protest. However, Parliament Member Giuliano Ferrara and a few right-wing MPs attended the protest. The leaders of the local Jewish community also led the protest. “The stance of Italy regarding the vote was a disgrace,” said Na’ami Dizini, the head of the Jewish community in Italy. “They gave us a voice in order to express our position, not to remain silent.” Dizini said that the issue was not just the problem of the Jewish people and Israel.

In recent days, Il Foglio has been dedicating a full page to the issue. The newspaper has been inviting the Italian public to express its opposition to the UNESCO decision by sending in their messages, which Il Foglio then prints on the special page. “We will be your new Kotel,” said the editor of the paper.

The protesters claimed that the UNESCO resolution is anti-Semitic and amounts to a cultural genocide. They called for a special conference to be held regarding Europe’s relations with Israel.