Iranian President Hassan Rouhani responded to US President Donald Trump’s speech rejecting the accusations presented. According to Rouhani, Iran and the nuclear deal are “stronger than ever” and despite the threats, the US will not be able to terminate the agreement alone. The Iranian President added that his country will expand its ballistic missile program from this moment forward for “deterrence” and defense purposes.

Rouhani on Trump's speech: “A speech filled with lies.”

Rouhani on Trump’s speech: “A speech filled with lies.” Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani slammed US President Donald Trump yesterday (Friday) stating that his country will expand its nuclear missile program in response to Trump’s speech “filled with lies and false accusations,” in which the US President presented his new strategy towards the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian President announced that in response to Trump’s speech, his country will multiply its efforts in building a “deterrent missile” and will expand the very missile program that Trump seeks to halt. Afterwards, Rouhani said that even if Washington withdraws from the nuclear deal, the US will not be able to do so as the withdrawal of one nation will not cause the entire agreement to collapse.

Rouhani also stated that he and his country are not subject to the pressure of any foreign element and will not be in the future. He added that he supports the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and he will “never order them to end their persistent struggle against regional terrorism.”