The Iranian President welcomed the removal of economic sanctions and stated: “Our rivals don’t need to be worried. We have sent messages of peace to the region and the world.”

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Iran is celebrating the removal of sanctions. Few believed that following the election of Hassan Rouhani in 2013, there will be an agreement that will be reached with the world powers and last night, Tehran’s dream became a reality. This morning, hours after the removal of the sanctions, Rouhani has defined these dramatic days as a “golden page in history.” Many people across the streets of Tehran celebrated the agreement.

The Iranian President called it a “turning point in our history.” According to him, “We are ready to defend the sovereignty of our country. The agreement is the result of our proper conduct and desire for peace in the world.” He added that the agreement is designed to avert a war: “The implementation of the agreement won’t harm anyone. Friends of Iran are happy and our rivals don’t need to be worried. We don’t threaten any country or government.”

Rouhani called the sanctions “wicked” and noted that they harmed his country’s economy greatly. Now, he hopes for the beginning of a new era: “We send messages of peace, stability and security in the region and the world. Everyone is satisfied except for the instigators of war in our region, namely the Zionists and the conservatives in the US Congress.”

“If the Zionist government supported the removal of sanctions, this would be surprising,” Rouhani related. “Of course, they won’t be satisfied. Today is a day where the friends of Iran are satisfied but the enemies aren’t.”

Aside from Israel, Rouhani related to the improved Iranian-American relations, stressing that there won’t be any significant cooperation between the two countries: “Iran and the US won’t return to having full economic relations.”