The ruins of a 1,800-year-old home were discovered by construction workers who were digging Rome’s new metro Line C. Archaeologists recently revealed that the home was mostly destroyed in a fire but some of the wooden beams managed to remain intact. Among the ruins, they found the skeleton of a dog.

The site in Rome

The site in Rome Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The construction workers who were digging in order to build Rome’s new metro Line C discovered the remains of a home built 1,800 years ago that apparently belonged to a senior Roman army officer. The site was discovered last year near the Colosseum but archaeologists only revealed the discoveries this week.

Most of the ancient house was completely destroyed in a fire. Only parts of the house remained intact, such as some wooden beams. “The collapse of the roof sealed everything that was inside so that the wood was carbonized and not burnt,” one of the archaeologists said.

At the bottom of the pit, the skeleton of a dog was found. “This dog was also in the home during the fire,” archaeologist Simone Morretta said. “We discovered ashes under its paws. It appears that the ceiling fell on him and he was stuck in the burning home.”

These are just some of the archaeological discoveries that were found during the construction of the metro line. In 2007, army barracks were discovered nearby and in 2009, the construction work was postponed because the workers discovered the remains of an ancient school.