A senior-level official from the Russian Defense Ministry said that 93% of Aleppo is under the Syrian Army’s control. Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister said that there is still a good chance of reaching an agreement regarding the city that will prevent additional bloodshed.


Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Sergey Rudskoi, a senior-level official from the Russian Defense Ministry, said today (Friday) that the Syrian Army has gained control of 93% of Aleppo. Rudskoi added that in the past 24 hours, about 10,500 people fled the city and that Russian aircraft had not operated over Aleppo since October 18.

This past week was filled with bloody battles in Aleppo. The Syrian Army and Russian Air Force aircraft massively bombed the eastern part of the city. Reports from earlier in the week indicated that rebel forces began to withdraw from the city as Bashar al-Assad’s army advanced.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov accused the US of delaying the negotiation talks regarding the rebels’ evacuation from the city. Lavrov claimed that the chances of reaching a deal that will prevent additional bloodshed are high if Washington does not change its mind about participating in the upcoming meeting of technical experts in Geneva.

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