According to FBI intelligence, Russia intervened in the US presidential election and tried to penetrate President Trump’s campaign through his advisers, including Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page.


Page Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

As reported by CNN news today (Saturday), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) received intelligence suggesting that Russia attempted to infiltrate US President Donald Trump’s election campaign through several of his senior advisers, including Foreign Policy Adviser Carter Page.

CNN sources clarified that at this stage, it is unknown whether Page himself was even aware of the possibility that he spoke to Russian agents during the campaign. Approximately two weeks ago, it was reported that the FBI received a secret court order permitting them to monitor Page.

In the past, Page completely rejected the possibility that he acted, even indirectly, for Russia. “My assumption has always been that any Russian person might share information with the Russian government,” he stated. In 2013, he met with a Russian spy who admitted that he tried to recruit Page to operate for Moscow. In response, Trump’s adviser explained that he did not know that the man was a Russian agent living in New York.


Putin Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Page is just one of Trump’s advisers who US intelligence authorities has shown were in contact with Russian officials during the US presidential election.