A couple in Russia has been arrested on suspicion of murdering at least 30 people and then eating their skin. The pair admitted that they kept the body parts in their fridge and freezer.


Illustration Photo Credit: Ilya Andriyanov/123RF/Channel 2 News

A string of mysterious murders of dozens of people in Krasnodar, Russia, had been worrying the residents of the area for some time. However, it now appears that the local police department has uncovered what happened to the victims. On Monday, it was reported that a cannibal couple has been arrested on suspicion of being responsible for the murders. The police department has reportedly found enough evidence linking the man and woman to at least seven of the cases.

According to the local media reports, the couple admitted that the bodies of some of the victims had been stored in their refrigerator and freezer. They are suspected of kidnapping, murder and cannibalism in at least 30 cases that go back as far as 1999.

It was also reported that the man was arrested earlier this year after the remains of a woman were found in a bucket on a military base. The suspect, who works at the military base, was seen in photos holding parts of the woman’s body. During his first arrest, the man told investigators that he only took a picture of himself with the remains and was not responsible for the murder.