According to a senior-level Russian official, thousands of ISIS fighters have fled from Syria and Iraq and have gathered in Afghanistan. The official claimed that the US is ignoring the threat.


Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Israel News Company

Today (Saturday), Russia’s Head of the Middle East Department Zamir Kabulov stated that although ISIS is close to defeat in the Middle East, thousands of its fighters have gathered in Afghanistan over the past several weeks.

According to Kabulov, more and more fighters are coming to the country, mainly from Syria and Iraq. The senior-level official told Russian news outlet RIA Novosti that approximately 10,000 ISIS fighters are already in Afghanistan and that despite warnings, the US is ignoring the threat. Kabulov added that while most of the terrorists have gathered in the northern part of the country, it is clear that ISIS intends to expand its influence outside of Afghanistan.  

“Russia was among the first countries to ring the warning bell regarding an ISIS expansion in Afghanistan,” Kabulov stated. “Recently, ISIS has increased its presence in the country. Thousands of fighters who came to the country have combat experience after fighting in Syria and Iraq.”