Russian Deputy Foreign Minister  Africa Mikhail Bogdanov has said that Israel’s plans to annex Palestinian territories in the West Bank will put an end to the prospect of a two-state solution and will most likely provoke a new round of violence in Palestine.

“It is possible that the new Israeli coalition government may start acting on these statements very soon, extending Israeli sovereignty to the West Bank. We believe that such an action would have extremely adverse consequences. We agree with the assessments and warnings against this which are reflected in the Arab League’s recent decisions regarding this matter,” Bogdanov said in an interview with the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper, posted on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website.

In our opinion, the annexation of some Palestinian territories by Israel would preclude the implementation of the two-state solution and would most likely provoke a new round of violence in Palestine and further aggravate the already high discontent in Arab quarters,” he said.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared all security agreements reached with Israel and the United States null and void last month after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised to extend Israeli sovereignty to Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Earlier this month, Israel’s Alternate Prime Minister and Defesce Minister Benny Gantz ordered the country’s military to step up its plans to annex territory in the West Bank.