As tensions continue to rise between Israel and Syria following last night’s attacks between the two countries, Russia has summoned the Israeli Ambassador for clarifications. Syria has submitted letters to the UN accusing Israel of violating international law and its sovereignty.

Putin has summoned Israel's new Ambassador to Russia for a meeting

Putin has summoned Israel’s new Ambassador to Russia for a meeting Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed tonight (Friday) that the Israeli Ambassador to Russia was summoned to provide clarifications in Moscow following the Israeli attack in Syria. Israeli Ambassador to Russia Gary Koren only presented his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

Shortly before Koren was summoned, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the incident in which missiles were fired against an Israeli Air Force aircraft during an attack in Syria. “We are working to prevent the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah,” Netanyahu explained.

“Our policy is consistent,” said Netanyahu. “When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah and we have the intelligence and operational feasibility, we will act to prevent this.”

Meanwhile, the Syrian Foreign Ministry sent two letters to the UN Secretary-General and the Director of the UN Security Council about what it defines as “Israeli aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic in outrageous defiance of international law, UN resolutions, the sovereignty of Syria and the ban on the attacking its lands.”