Last Sunday, rumors were swirling around that a Russian delegation left Syria with a coffin containing the remains of legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen.

The Russian Embassy has just released a statement that unequivocally denies these rumors.

”We resolutely refute the fabrications of a number of Israeli media that Russian representatives allegedly removed from Syria the remains of Mossad agent Eli Cohen, who was executed in Damascus in 1965,” the statement says.

Legendary Israeli spy Eli Cohen is a national hero.  In 1965, he was publicly executed after succeeding to penetrate the highest levels of the Baath Party leadership and the Syrian military.  Working under the alias ‘Kamel Amin Thaabet’ the intelligence he passed onto Israel played an important role in Israel’s role during Six Day War.

His hanging was aired live on Syrian television.  After his execution, anti-Israel signs were placed upon his hanging body.  His body was left to hang for six hours before being buried in the country.  His family in Israel never got to give him a proper Jewish burial surrounded by loved ones.


Last summer, the Mossad managed to recover his wristwatch from local Syrians who sold it to them.  In an interview with reporters, Cohen’s daughter Sofi Ben-Dor stated: “There was great excitement for it was the only item of dad that came back.  We have nothing else besides that.”  Elie Cohen is survived by three children, six grandchildren and an elderly wife in her eighties, Nadia.