Russian investigators were sent to scope a large area near Moscow where the Saratov Airlines passenger plane crashed shortly after takeoff on Sunday. The local authorities are searching for the remains of the 65 passengers and six crew members who were killed as a result as well as for clues pointing at the cause behind the fatal incident.


Illustration Photo Credit: Twitter

Russian investigation and emergency teams were deployed to search the snow-covered territory near the capital for the remains of the 71 people who were killed in the Russian airliner’s crash on Sunday. The teams were also sent to search for details that may clue in the authorities on the cause behind the fatal incident.

Officials have told reporters that they are considering weather conditions, human error and technical failure as possible causes of the crash. Investigators have reportedly ruled out a terror attack.

Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said the search for the victims will last about a week. The debris and remains of the victims were strewn over an area of about 80km southeast of Moscow. The crew did not send any distress signals before the AN-148 plane crashed and the 65 passengers that were killed ranged in age from 5 to 79. All six crew members were also killed.