In retaliation for Britain’s decision to expel 23 Russian diplomats from the UK, Moscow is expelling 23 British diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry has given the diplomats one week to leave the country.

Theresa May and Vladimir Putin in 2016

Theresa May and Vladimir Putin in 2016 Photo Credit: President of the Russian Federation via WikiMedia Commons

On Friday, Russia announced that it will be expelling 23 British diplomats from Russia in response to Britain expelling 23 Russian diplomats and accusing Moscow of poisoning a former double spy and his daughter, Sergei and Yulia Skirpal. The Russia Foreign Ministry is giving the UK diplomats one week to leave the country.

The Kremlin said that the move was in response to Britain’s “provocative actions,” referring to the accusation that Russia was behind the poisoning. The Russia Foreign Ministry further stated, “Taking into account the disparity in the number of the two countries’ consular missions, the Russian Federation recalls its agreement on the opening and operation of the Consulate General of the United Kingdom in St Petersburg. Respective procedures will be followed in accordance with international legal practice.”

Russia also said it was pausing the activities of the British Council “due to the unregulated status of the British Council in Russia.”