A few days after a series of US sanctions against Russia were approved contrary US President Donald Trump’s beliefs, a Russian official responded saying that Moscow will demand that the US summon back its embassy employees from Russia.

Could Trump and Putin’s relationship be weakening?

Could Trump and Putin’s relationship be weakening? Photo Credit: Sky News/Channel 2 News

A Russian official was quoted telling Russian news outlet Interfax today (Friday) that the country will demand that the US cut its embassy staff in Moscow by 200 to 300 employees in response to the new sanctions approved in Washington this week.

“We’re not talking about dozens, but rather hundreds of diplomats and technical staff that work for the American diplomatic mission in Russia,” the Russian official explained.

Earlier today, Russia confirmed the report concerning the American diplomats’ requirement to leave Russian territory within a month. Moscow even claimed that it was seizing US diplomatic property. All of this was done in response to the US sanctions approved this week by the US Senate, which Moscow claimed to be illegal.