After Russian officials accused Israel of attacking the Syrian T4 airbase, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned that foreign entities are entering the Syrian conflict “uninvited” and urged that an investigation be launched to discover who was behind the attack.


Lavrov Photo Credit: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said that the early morning attack on the Syrian T4 airbase, which officials in Moscow and Syrian news agencies have attributed to Israel, is a very concerning development. “The situation in Syria is starting to look even more dangerous,” he warned. “There are players who are entering the conflict uninvited.”

“I hope that the US understands that this is a dangerous development,” he stated, adding that an investigation should be launched to discover who was responsible for the airstrike in which 14 people, including Iranians, were killed.

Regarding the chemical attack in Douma, which rebel and aid groups claim Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was behind, Lavrov said that Russian experts who visited the city “didn’t see any evidence” indicating that Assad used chemical weapons. He added that the claims that Assad attacked Douma with two types of gases are “provocations.”

Meanwhile, nine UN Security Council member nations have called for emergency meetings in light of the chemical attack. The first request was made by the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Poland, Sweden, Kuwait, Peru and the Ivory Coast to address the reports of the chemical attack. Russia requested a separate meeting to address what it sees as the rising threat to international peace and security in Syria.