A senior-level US official told Fox News about a unique incident in which two Russian bombers infiltrated US air space in Alaska. According to the senior-level official, the US Air Force sent three fighter jets that were flying near the bombers, but the Russians turned around to fly back to their country.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the midst of the worsening tensions between the US and Russia, a senior-level US official reported this evening (Tuesday) that two Russian planes flew near Alaska. According to the report, these were fighter jets that had infiltrated US air space.

The Russian bombers were flying only 450 kilometers away from a US Air Force base, which is the closest distance that Russian planes have been to the US since US President Donald Trump began his term. In response, the US sent three aircraft in order to warn off the bombers: two F-22 stealth tactical fighters and one E-3 Sentry.

After 12 minutes of flying side by side, the Russian bombers changed direction and returned to their bases in Eastern Russia.