The Ukranian Security Service reportedly staged Babchenko’s death in order to catch the people really trying to kill him.

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Arkady Babchenko, an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin who was pronounced dead by Ukranian police earlier today (Wednesday), turned up at a press conference this evening alive and well.

Babchenko made his dramatic re-entrance into the world during a news conference after Vasily Gritsak, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service, announced that they had solved the crime of Babchenko’s murder. 

As it would turn out, the Ukraine Police and the security agency worked together to fake Babchenko’s death in order to foil an actual murder plot against him. It would appear that the ploy was successful; Gritsak said that investigators caught a Ukrainian man who was hired by the Russian security service to have Babchenko killed.

Babchenko, 41, was pronounced dead yesterday by Ukranian Police when his wife was said to have found him bleeding to death in their Kiev home. Ukranian officials announced in a statement that Babchenko was shot and killed, and even released a sketch of the suspected murderer. The motive, they said, was likely related to his ‘professional activity;’ he was/is one of Russia’s best-known journalists. 

Babchenko fled Russia out of fear for his life last year after he openly criticized Putin’s policies in Ukraine and Russia’s involvement in the Syrian conflict. He lived in Israel for a short while before ultimately settling in Ukraine.