Amid a White House National Security Adviser’s resignation following the exposure of his hidden contact with Russia, a Russian ship with intelligence gathering capabilities has been spotted sailing off of the Delaware coastline.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

In the background of White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation following concealed contact with the Russian Ambassador to the US, relations between the two countries continue to make headlines. Today (Tuesday), US officials reported that a Russian spy ship was seen sailing off the country’s east coast.

According to the sources, the ship was observed sailing in international waters located approximately 120 miles off the coast of Delaware with an unclear destination. The last time this ship, the SSV-175 Viktor Leonov, sailed near the US coast was in April 2015.

Additional sources explained that the ship is capable of intercepting communication signals and using sonar to detect US Navy ships. The sources also said that it is carrying anti-aircraft missiles. “It’s not a huge concern but we are keeping our eyes on it,” an official said.