A Jewish congregation announced this week the organization of Sabbath prayers on Friday evenings in the iconic building of the “Colosseum” in Tel Aviv, which until recently housed the famous Pussycat strip club.

The Beit Tefilah congregation, which has been holding religious prayer services in the Tel Aviv port area until now, will temporarily schedule its activities in this infamous former strip club which is located a few steps away from the ocean.

The Pussycat strip club closed it’s doors indefinitely this past July after years of legal battles between the owners and the Working Group on Trafficking in Human Beings and Prostitution, the Israeli Police and the Tel Aviv Municipality.

Although the commercial license of the Pussycat Club was revoked in March 2017, the Municipality of Tel Aviv began a process for its renewal. The Working Group on Trafficking in Human Beings and Prostitution called on the municipality and the police to have the club closed immediately and its license not renewed.

During a police raid on the club, the police discovered private rooms where clients could be offered sexual services for 400 shekels (100 euros), a quarter of which was to be paid to the owners of the club. The police also found that some women who worked in the club were illegal foreigners and that drugs of all kinds were also found at the scene.