Several Israeli citizens still remain on the island of Saint Martin, which was destroyed by Hurricane Irma last week. According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, rescue is currently impossible.

Watch: Irma hits Florida

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Earlier today (Sunday), Hurricane Irma hit Florida, continuing on its northwestern path. However, several Israelis still remain on the island of Saint Martin, most of which was destroyed by the powerful storm last week, and are begging for rescue.

“It seems that the government won’t do anything,” one of the Israelis who managed to return told Channel 2 News. “We will need a private rescue.” According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the weather conditions are too difficult for a rescue operation and another situation assessment was held earlier to examine the possibility of rescue.

Photo credit: Sefi Mantzur/Channel 2 News

“France, the US and the Netherlands all sent helicopters to evacuate those who were injured,” the Israelis on the island stated. “Only we were left behind.”

According to the Israeli Ambassador in the Netherlands, the country’s navy brought food and equipment to the island but had to leave before the arrival of another hurricane. 300 Dutch soldiers remain on the island and can be reached for assistance.