US President-elect Donald Trump has invited Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan to his inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. After the ceremony, Dagan will meet with senior-level officials within Trump’s administration.

Dagan and Trump's pick for US ambassador to Israel David Friedman

Dagan and Trump’s pick for US ambassador to Israel David Friedman Photo Credit: Trump’s headquarters in Israel/Channel 2 News

Head of the Samaria Regional Council Yossi Dagan has been invited to US President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony, which will take place on Friday. Dagan was the only Israeli politician who voiced his support for Trump publicly before he won the election. After the inauguration, Dagan will meet with several senior-level officials close to Trump.

“We hope that the new election in the US will bring with it a new era of a real friendship between Israel and America,” said Dagan.

“We have no doubt that the Israeli prime minister will always be more of a Zionist than the US president,” added Dagan. “However, the US government today has a direct impact on the lives of Judea and Samaria residents and we hope to see a change regarding this matter.”

Dagan said that he hopes that his attendance will help strengthen the friendship between the Israelis in the West Bank and Trump’s administration. “In the past six years, we have hosted in Samaria many Republican officials,” added Dagan. “We are happy that many of them today are senior-level officials within the Republican Party and even close to Trump.”