The Israeli LGBT Association declared that it will hold a demonstration in front of the Tel Aviv Government Complex on Thursday in protest of the government’s stance that prohibits same-sex couples from adopting children. Israeli Welfare Minister Haim Katz is setting out against the Israeli government’s position, which claims that adoption by a same-sex couple would “place an additional load on the child.”

Israeli LGBT community sets out to protest

Israeli LGBT community sets out to protest Photo Credit: Yossi Zilberman/Channel 2 News

Following the storm surrounding the Israeli government’s response to the petition requesting recognition of the right for same-sex couples to adopt, the Israeli LGBT Association made it clear that it would not remain silent about the decision and that it intends to protest the government’s announcement. “This Thursday, at 6:30 PM in front of the Government Complex in Tel Aviv, we will arrive in a large force of demonstration in order to clarify that we are not second-class citizens in the State of Israel, our country,” the LGBT Association wrote in a statement.

“After we were exposed to another dark and low step by the government, we choose not to remain silent,” the statement read. “To judge the ability of a person or couple on their parenting skills solely based upon their sexual preference is an insulting, contemptuous and dark decision that demands a serious wake-up call. The LGBT Association and other community organizations have been working since yesterday in high gear and in different ways in order to make it clear that we will not stand for this in silence.”

Israeli Welfare Minister Haim Katz stated yesterday in response to the government’s decision that the wording of the petition failed. The government’s response to the Supreme Court, which was written by the Israeli Welfare and Justice Ministries, states that “it is preferable, as much as possible, to prevent placing an ‘additional load’ on the child.”