Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders, a presidential candidate for the Democratic Party of 2020, would be “absolutely” ready to consider budget cuts to US foreign aid to Israel to pressure the government.

The United States is currently providing $ 3.8 billion in military aid to Israel.

Interviewed on podcast Pod Save America, Bernie Sanders said he would not hesitate to use the aid as a means of pressure on the Israeli government “to act differently with the Palestinians.”

He also said he would not make decisions that would make Israel militarily vulnerable, but give the government a blank check.

“I have family in Israel, I’m Jewish, I’m not anti-Israel,” he said. “Obviously I think the people of Israel have the right to live in peace and security but in recent years, under Netanyahu, there has been a far-right government with many racist tendencies,” he said.

Last April, Sanders accused the Netanyahu government of being “racist” while participating in a local CNN event with Democratic voters.

The Democratic presidential candidate of 2020 called for a change in US policy towards Israel, saying that Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s approach to the Palestinians was “oppressive”, and had stated that if elected, he would show more sympathy for the concerns of Palestinians.