The Tel Aviv District Court convicted the two terrorists who opened fire on dozens of people at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market in 2016 of four counts of murder and 41 counts of attempted murder. The third terrorist, who did not participate in the shooting, was also convicted of the same crimes.

Sarona terrorists

Sarona terrorists Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

On Monday, the Tel Aviv District Court handed down convictions to the three terrorists responsible for the 2016 Sarona shooting attack. Cousins Muhammad and Khalid Muhamra, the two terrorists who carried out the attack, were unanimously convicted of four counts of murder, 41 counts of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit a crime. Even though he did not participate in the shooting, the third terrorist, Yunis Zin, was convicted of conspiracy to commit a crime and the same counts of murder and attempted murder.

Justices Sarah Dotan and Yaron Levy agreed that Zin should be convicted of the same crimes as the Muhamra cousins. Only judge Mordechai Levy was in favor of convicting him of aiding and abetting the murders, instead of the full murder charges.

Four Israelis were murdered in the terror attack: Ido Ben-Ari, Michael Feige, Mila Mishaev and Ilana Naveh. The Muhamra cousins initially planned to carry out the shooting attack on a train so that the victims would not be able to escape, allowing them to achieve their goal of murdering as many Israelis as possible. In the period prior to the terror attack, they gathered information on train schedules and took pictures of trains, railroad tracks, ticket stands and train stations.

However, when they saw the heavy security at the entrance to the Beersheba train station on the day of the attack, they decided to take a taxi to Tel Aviv. At 9:00 pm, they arrived in Tel Aviv at the Ha-Shalom Train Station near the Azrieli Center and began to look for a place to implement their attack. They even asked pedestrians about nearby dining options and eventually decided to proceed to the popular Sarona Market, which is known for its boutique shops and restaurants.