ImageSat International has released before and after satellite images of Iranian sites in Syria to show the damage caused by last week’s Israeli airstrike. Most of the sites were operated by Iran’s Quds force.

Photo Credit: ImageSat International

The satellite imaging company ImageSat International has released before and after images of Iranian facilities in Syria that were targeted in last week’s Israeli airstrike to show the damage that was caused.  

The IDF has confirmed that the targets include Iranian intelligence sites, logistic headquarters and compounds, a military camp north to Damascus, weapon warehouses at Damascus International Airport, military systems and outposts – most of which were operated by the Iranian elite Quds Force.

As JOL reported over the weekend by JOL, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that at least 27 supporters of the Assad regime were killed in the airstrike. The war monitor added that 25 were foreign fighters, including 11 Iranians.