Israel has conducted several airstrikes in January 2019, targeting mostly Damascus International Airport and the vicinity around it. The latest strike came on 21 January with Syrian Air Defences reportedly intercepting some 30 missiles.

Israeli firm ImageSat has published photos allegedly showing the extent of the damage done to the Damascus International Airport in the course of the latest Israeli air raids. The images show the state of three targets, JY-27 radar, Pantsir (SA-22) air defense system and an airport warehouse, on 18 and 22 January for comparison.

Three small warehouse buildings appear to be destroyed with two other buildings only partially damaged.

The photos also shows scorched land on the spots were JY-27 radar and Pantsir (SA-22) air defense system were installed, although it’s not explicitly clear whether they indeed were destroyed.

The satellite images also demonstrate that the airport’s main building, known as the “Glass House” remained untouched by the Israeli air raids.

Israel carried out strikes on Iranian targets in Syria for two consecutive days starting on 20th of  January. According to the Russian military, the Syrian air defense forces intercepted over 30 cruise missiles and guided bombs during that period.

Israel has repeatedly accused Tehran of having a military presence in Syria. Iran strongly denies the claims, insisting that its military presence in the country is limited to sending military advisors at Damascus’ request to help fight terrorists.

Contributed by Sputnik News