Violent clashes broke out on Saturday between Palestinian rioters and Israeli security forces during a demonstration for the release of the Tamimi women near the village of Nabi Salih. Clashes also broke out between groups of settlers and Palestinians south of Nablus.

Riots in the West Bank on Saturday

Riots in the West Bank on Saturday Photo Credit: Flash90

Violent riots broke out in Nabi Salih on Saturday during a demonstration for the release of Ahed and Nariman Tamimi, the Palestinian women arrested for attacking IDF soldiers. Head of the Arab-Israeli Joint List party Ayman Odeh was also present at the demonstration, as well as Palestinians and several Israeli peace activists. A group of demonstrators threw stones at Israeli security forces, who used riot control methods to disperse them. Following the incident, the IDF declared a segment of the village a closed military zone.

Meanwhile, footage from Saturday documented a group of masked settlers in the West Bank destroying about 100 olive trees near the Palestinian village of Huwara south of Nablus. The video shows the group of men arriving from the direction of the Yitzhar settlement; they were not stopped by Israeli security forces that were in the area.

A short while after the incident, around 40 settlers arrived at the Palestinian village of Urif, throwing stones and burning down a tractor. A group of Palestinians threw stones at the settlers in response. IDF forces dissolved the clashes.

In another incident, about 100 settlers reportedly damaged a Palestinian house in a village near Ramallah. IDF’s investigation revealed that the house was damaged and clashes broke out between the settlers and Palestinians in the area. Security forces dispersed the rioters and no arrests were made.