Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates donated to Islamic organizations in East Jerusalem as a response to the upcoming US embassy relocation to Jerusalem. Israeli officials fear that an escalation in violence could follow the foreign involvement.

The US Consulate building in Jerusalem

The US Consulate building in Jerusalem Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Two Arab states and Turkey have responded to the upcoming relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem by sending funds to Muslim organizations in East Jerusalem.

The United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have sent a quarter of a billion dollars to the Islamic Waqf and other Muslim organizations in East Jerusalem as an act of “rescue” to finance renovations at holy sites. The funds are to be used to “renovate and fortify” Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem, Hadashot news reported Wednesday.

Israeli officials are concerned by this move by the Arab states and Turkey and fear that their involvement could lead to violent outbursts and terror attacks.

The US embassy relocation to Jerusalem is scheduled for May 14 and US President Donald Trump may attend the opening ceremony.

Trump is being pressured by his supporters and donors to attend the ceremony, reported Hadashot news on Sunday, and is also considering allowing Jonathan Pollard to come to Israel for the occasion.

Pollard, a former American intelligence specialist, served nearly 30 years for spying for Israel. Since being paroled in 2015, Pollard has been prohibited from leaving US soil.