The lone gunman who opened fire Saturday near the western gate to the royal palace in Jeddah was eliminated at the scene after he killed two guards and injured three others. The gunman has been identified as a 28-year-old Saudi national who had no criminal record or known affiliations with terrorist groups.

The royal palace (archive)

The royal palace (archive) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A gunman opened fire Saturday near the gate to the king’s royal palace in Jeddah, killing two guards and injuring three more, according to the Saudi Interior Ministry. The attacker, who was eliminated at the scene, was a 28-year-old Saudi national who approached the gate in a vehicle. While rumors about the incident circulated on social media throughout the day, the attack was confirmed only in the evening in an official statement released by the ministry.

The attack took place at the western gate of Al-Salam Palace, where the royal family conducts its official business during the summer months. The palace announced that King Salman is currently in Russia on an official visit. However, the statement did not include the whereabouts of the king’s son, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. According to various reports, the crown prince was last seen in Jeddah.

According to the interior ministry, the attacker has been identified as Mansour al-Amri. In his car, security forces found several Kalashnikov rifles and Molotov cocktails. The ministry added that al-Amri had no criminal record and no known affiliations with terrorist groups. The Saudi authorities have launched an investigation into the incident in order to determine al-Amri’s motives.

In light of the attack, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia released a warning, advising Americans to “exercise caution” when in the area near the palace. “Due to the possibility of ongoing police activity, American citizens are advised to exercise caution when traveling through the area,” the warning stated.