With election day closing in fast, it looks like Israel will remain to have a right wing government, albeit with some different parties.

A survey conducted by Israel’s KAN 11 news agency revealed that Likud is expected to win 30 seats in the next Knesset, making it easily the largest faction, and therefore all but guaranteeing that Benjamin Netanyahu will remain prime minister.

It’s never easy to forge a stable majority coalition in Israeli politics, but the KAN poll shows that Netanyahu will have enough partners to the right of the political spectrum to do so.

If Netanyahu joins with the smaller right-of-center parties, he’ll be able to cobble together a 63-seat ruling coalition.

By comparison, a left wing bloc (excluding the Arab parties) could only count on 45 seats, even with the new Israel Resilience Party doing fairly well by winning 20 seats. The problem is that Israel Resilience will be taking most of those mandates from fellow center-left party Labor.

At the end of the day, the names of the parties might be a little different, and there might be a few new faces in the Knesset plenum, but the composition of the government, and the man leading it, is expected to remain largely unaltered.