Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party, Likud, would reach 32 seats in the next Knesset if elections were held today.

According to a poll conducted by the Israeli newspaper Walla together with the Panel Politics institute, the Kakhol Lavan party, led by former army commander Benny Gantz and former journalist Yair Lapid, is at its lowest point in the polls with just 29 seats, 3 below the current Israeli leader.

The right-wing bloc would be made up of Likud (32), Union of Right Parties (7), New Right (6), Yahadut Hatorah (6), Israel Beitenu (5), Shas (4), Kulanu (4) and Zehut (4). This bloc would reach 68 seats and would have a significant majority in the next Israeli parliament.

On the other hand, the left-wing bloc, without the Arab parties, would only reach 43 seats with Kakhol Lavan (29), Avodah (8) and Meretz (6).

On the question of which candidate is best suited to be the next prime minister, 46% of respondents said Benjamin Netanyahu while only 28% answered Benny Gantz. 18% of the public said neither.