American actress Scarlett Johansson participated in the PBS series “Finding Your Roots” and discovered that her relatives, along with their young children, were murdered in the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. Johansson found it difficult to fight back her tears. “I mean, you really couldn’t imagine the horror,” Johansson said.

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American Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson struggled to fight back her tears after learning during the filming of the PBS series “Finding Your Roots” that members of her extended family were murdered during the Holocaust. Johansson discovered that her great-grandfather’s brother was murdered together with his family, including his children, in the Warsaw Ghetto.

According to the show’s website, “Finding Your Roots” is a television series hosted and written by Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. that delves into the ancestry of celebrities. “I promised myself I wouldn’t cry,” Johansson said while reading her relatives’ names. “But it’s hard not to. I mean, you really couldn’t imagine the horror. It’s just so crazy to imagine.”

Scarlett Johansson fights back her tears

Scarlett Johansson fights back her tears Photo Credit: Finding Your Roots/PBS

During World War II, Johansson’s Jewish grandfather and great-grandfather owned a grocery store on Ludlow Street in New York City. “It’s crazy to imagine that Saul would be on the other side selling bananas on Ludlow Street,” Johansson said regarding her great-grandfather. “And how different it would be being in America at the time, the fate of one brother versus the other.”

32-year-old Johansson said that the heartbreaking discovery has made her feel more connected to her Jewish side of the family.