Will Scotland win its independence? The Scottish First Minister sent a letter to the British Prime Minister requesting her approval to hold another referendum regarding Scotland’s separation from the UK. Theresa May is expected to deny the request.

Sturgeon and the letter

Sturgeon and the letter Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon sent a formal letter to British Prime Minister Theresa May requesting a second referendum concerning Scotland’s independence. “In these very changed circumstances, the people of Scotland must have the right to choose our own future – in short, to exercise our right of self-determination,” Sturgeon wrote.

According to Sturgeon, Brexit has enormous implications for schools, hospitals, jobs and investments in Scotland. “So, the next two years are hugely important for Scotland because they’ll determine the kind of country we’ll become,” Sturgeon explained in a video that she posted on Twitter. “That’s why I have today written to the UK government to ensure that we can make that choice when the time is right to accept Brexit or instead become an independent country.”

The Scottish government voted with a majority of 69 in favor and 59 against requesting the UK’s approval to conduct another referendum concerning the country’s independence. According to the request, the referendum will occur at some point between the fall of 2018 and the spring of 2019. Theresa May is currently expected to deny the request.