Scotland’s parliament building was evacuated after three envelopes containing white powder were sent to lawmakers with the Conservative Tory Party. Police were called to the site to examine the contents of the suspicious packages and shortly thereafter confirmed that the issue was “resolved.”

Scottish parliament evacuated

Scottish parliament evacuated Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

The Scottish parliament in Edinburgh was evacuated for a short time today (Tuesday) after a suspicious parcel containing white powder was sent to one of the MSP’s. The Scottish parliament reported that the security forces investigated the incident and that “emergency services have confirmed that the incident at Holyrood (the parliament building) is now resolved.”

The British Sun reported that a suspicious package was sent to Conservative MSP Jamie Halcro Johnston and that the building was evacuated after his office staff opened the envelope in question. Two additional envelopes were sent from the same sender to Conservative MSP’s Liz Smith and Edward Mountain, but they were not opened.

The Edinburgh police said that they responded to reports of a suspicious package in parliament. They then evacuated the building and were examining the contents of the packages.

In response to the evacuation, the parliament issued a statement on Twitter that “The MSP building has been evacuated as a precaution following the discovery of suspicious packages…Chamber business will go ahead as planned this afternoon.” About an hour later, they released an additional statement confirming that the incident was “resolved” and that “the MSP block has reopened.”