The children at a Sderot preschool returned to their normal routines on Sunday morning after a rocket fired from Gaza landed in their outdoor play area over the weekend. In an interview with Channel 2 News, a parent who sends his child to the preschool said that the incident was really frightening.

Damage to the preschool

Damage to the preschool Photo Credit: Israel Police/Channel 2 News

Sderot residents were on edge Sunday morning after the uneasy weekend of rocket sirens. One of the rockets landed next to the building of a nursery school in the city. Despite the frightening incident, Sderot children returned to their schools as usual on Sunday morning while the tensions along Israel’s border with Gaza continue.

Speaking to Channel 2 News, a Sderot resident who sends his child to the preschool recounted the moment he found out that one of the rockets landed in the outdoor play area. “I froze,” he said. “My whole body started to shake. It’s scary when it is in your backyard.”

“The slide, playground equipment, wheelbarrows- it just broke into pieces,” he added. “We need to pick up all the pieces. The entire play area was damaged. There’s no playground equipment.”

“There were parents who were afraid to send their kids,” he explained. “We were stressed and frightened but we said that we need to return to normality.”

“It can’t be like this- that every three years we live in our protected rocket shelters,” he concluded.