Three Israeli teenagers vacationing at the Sea of Galilee went into the water on air mattresses and were swept deep into the sea by strong winds. The Israel Police is conducting a search after the two teenagers, aged 17 and 21. A 45-year-old died of dehydration at Arugot Stream and his body was rescued by helicopter.

Helicopter rescue of man from Arugot Stream

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Israel Police, search and rescue forces and volunteer divers are participating in searches this evening (Wednesday) after three missing persons in the Sea of Galilee. The three missing persons were swept away by strong winds deep into the sea while lounging on air mattresses.

The first incident occurred when two 21-year-olds, a man and a woman, from Central Israel were swept away into the sea and their air mattress flipped. The woman was rescued by civilians and the man is still missing. During the other incident, two teenagers went into the sea with a mattress and were swept away until it popped. One 17-year-old was rescued and another is still missing.

In another incident, two teenagers were able to save themselves while a 17-year-old from Central Israel is still missing.

Passover at the Sea of Galilee

Passover at the Sea of Galilee Photo Credit: Sea of Galilee Authority/Channel 2 News

In addition, a 45-year-old man became dehydrated while he was on a trip with his friend to Arugot Stream. Israel Nature and Parks Authority and Ein Gedi search and rescue forces performed CPR, but the traveler died. His body was rescued from the area by a helicopter.