During a recent hike in the Jericho area, volunteers from the ”Protecting the Eternal” organization discovered a second Temple burial tomb that had been pillaged and destroyed.

Almost all of the ancient burial caves that lay on the outskirts of Jericho date back thousands to the Hasmoneans and the second Jewish Temple.

The cave was recently exposed during landscaping work by local Arab farmers, who had tractors plowing the site in order to prepare the soil for agricultural work.

The hikers who came across the site were horrified by what they found: human remains littered everywhere on the freshly plowed soil, catacombs that were completely ransacked and looted, and the sarcophagi funeral coffins were nowhere to be found.

The theft of antiquities and the destruction of archaeological treasures are being a common practice in the West Bank. It is becoming out of hand despite all of the warnings, and documents sent to the Regional Commander for Antiquities in the Civil Administration, the body responsible for law enforcement in the area.