Despite the ban on non-Muslim religious displays of any kind on the Temple Mount, two right-wing Israeli activists held a secret wedding ceremony on the compound. The groom: “We hope that our marriage at the holiest place in the world will open the door for other couples.”

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A second couple has held a covert wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount compound: The couple, activists with the “Students for the Temple Mount” movement, held the ceremony on Thursday under the watchful eyes of the policemen. The ceremony was performed in secret due to the ongoing ban on Jewish religious services ceremonies on the Temple Mount.

“We are excited to be here on the Temple Mount,” said the groom Tom Nisani, chairman and coordinator of the Im Tirtzu movement, moments before he gave a ring to his new wife Sarah Lorkett, also active in the organization. “Here on the Temple Mount, this is the place we need to have the wedding ceremony. And that is what we did. We are proud and happy.”

Only Muslim ceremonies permitted at the Temple Mount

Only Muslim ceremonies permitted at the Temple Mount Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In the video footage from the secret ceremony, Nisani can be heard whispering the prayer, “Behold you are consecrated unto me with this ring in accordance with the law of Moses and the People of Israel,” as he furtively hands Lorkett a ring. “Three years ago, Sarah and I met at the entrance to the Temple Mount. Since then, we have experienced the injustices, hardships and also the beauty, depth and holiness of the Temple Mount, the holiest place in the world for the Jewish people,” Nissani said.

“It was very natural for us to hold the ceremony on the Temple Mount, and so we did…simple Zionist Israelis who are fulfilling the aspirations of generations and the entire Jewish people- secular, traditional, religious and ultra-Orthodox.” After the secret ceremony on the Temple Mount, Nissani and Lorkett intend to hold an additional ceremony in about a month.

This is the second secret wedding to be held on the Temple Mount in the last year and a half. In April 2016, a Jewish wedding ceremony was held on the compound for the first time in 11 years and caused an uproar in Israel.