The last update in the popular shopping application enables anybody to discover the details of users.

AliExpress website

AliExpress website Photo credit: Screenshot/ Channel 2 News

A security breach was discovered in the popular shopping application AliExpress. In the last several days details of many users who requested to remain anonymous were exposed to anyone.

Millions if not hundreds of millions of people use the application worldwide every day, to order clothes, electronic devices or many other things. The website also usually offers cheaper products without delivery payment, one of the factors that makes it so attractive.

It’s important to remember that many online shoppers would prefer to remain anonymous and not have everyone know what they bought. For example, nutritional supplements or sex toys and lingerie. As in most large online shopping sites around the world, AliExpress is a sort of social network for consumers where criticism of the purchased product holds a big significance.


Illustration Photo credit: Anya Berkut, Channel 2 News

On the website, anyone who writes a comment may remain anonymous but since the last update it was discovered that the anonymous comments lead to the personal profiles of the user with their full names, pictures and even previous feedback on past products. 

AliExpress owners Alibaba stated that AliExpress understands the importance of privacy and keeping personal information secret. They are examining the malfunction in the shopping application.