These members want to see written reports regarding the implementation of the resolution, but a UN envoy indicated that both sides have ignored calls for deescalation

UN Security Council considers developments in the Middle East. 2017.

UN Security Council considers developments in the Middle East. 2017. Photo Credit: United Nations/Manuel Elias

Addressing a letter to the UN Secretary-General, 10 out of 15 members of the UN Security Council asked for proper implementation of the 2016 UN Security Council, passed by 14 yes votes and one notable US abstention, which called for Israel to end its settlements in the West Bank. The nations who authored the letter: Bolivia, Ivory Coast, China, Equatorial Guinea, France, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Peru, and Sweden, asked the UN Secretary-General to provide written reports as to the status of implementation of the resolution, rather than submitting them orally.

The nations expressed concern over the credibility of UN resolutions if not implemented effectively and equally across the board. A UN envoy to the Middle East stated that both sides had refused to stop inciting violence and provocation. The letter also reaffirms that the UN members will continue to adopt the 1967 stance on Jerusalem, timing the letter with the American embassy move out of Tel Aviv.

The nations expressed additional concerns about the implementation of the resolution with the presence of military forces in the West Bank. The decision by the United States to withhold its veto in 2016 was heavily criticized by then President-elect Donald Trump, who has actively supported Israel’s activities since taking office.