The meeting was called by PM Netanyahu following last night’s statement about a framework agreement made between Iran and the world powers

Photo credit: GPO/Channel 2 News

A Security Cabinet meeting was called by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Friday to discuss the statements made last night in Lausanne, according to which Iran and the world powers have reached a basic framework for a nuclear deal. A statement at the end of the meeting said: “The Cabinet is united in its opposition to the agreed upon terms.”

Late on Thursday, after delivering a statement at the White House and praising the achievements made, US President Barack Obama called Netanyahu on the phone and said that the deal “represents significant progress toward a lasting solution that cuts off all of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon”, a White House official reported.

Obama also reassured Netanyahu that this progress “does not diminish concerns about Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and threats towards Israel,” and that “there is no daylight when it comes to our support for Israel’s security.”

In the phone call, Netanyahu expressed his strong opposition to the upcoming deal and told the president that it “will threat Israel’s existence and legitimize Iran’s aggressiveness in the region.” At the end of the conversation Netanyahu said: “This deal will increase the risk for a regional nuclear arms race and war. The alternative is to stand firmly and place further pressure on Iran until a better deal can be achieved.”


The “threat map” posted by PM Netanyahu Photo credit: Twitter

After his announcement, Netanyahu posted on twitter that “any deal must include the rolling back of Iran’s nuclear capabilities, and force it to stop its terrorism and aggression.” He attached a map showing the parts of the Middle East where Iran has been engaging in military battles.