A new innovation by Israel Aerospace Industries enables multirotor drones to self-destruct on small fast-moving targets within densely populated urban areas. IDF soldiers carry small armed multirotor drones on their backs that are capable of launching from anywhere towards a terrorist or sniper, eliminating them within seconds. Global armed forces are already showing interest in this invention that will change the battlefield.

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One of the greatest challenges in warfare within densely populated areas, where it is difficult to track terrorists, is the desire to eliminate them without harming innocent people. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a means capable of accurately hitting small fast-moving targets within urban areas. However, this is no ordinary drone or guided missile, but rather a multirotor drone that hones in on its target and self-destructs upon it.

The small newly developed multirotor drones are armed with two spray grenades. An infantry soldier can carry two such objects in a special backpack: Two multirotor drones that he can launch towards a target from the battlefield. The multirotor drones hover over the target for quite a long period and when the command is given, it destroys the target. This is very effective, for example, in the case of terrorists escaping through a narrow alley or a sniper peeping through a window. If the target was not hit, the multirotor drone can return, have its batteries changed and be launched it once again.

Capable of finding targets within a short amount of time

Capable of finding targets within a short amount of time Photo Credit: Israel Aerospace Industries/Channel 2 News

“The greatest part about this weapon is the capability to locate and attack targets that have a very small lifespan,” stated A. from IAI. This greatness is well understood by many militaries throughout the world, whose representatives are coming to Israel in order to be impressed by this sophisticated development and to purchase it. According to foreign publications, the self-destructive drone is already in use within the battlefield: The Azerbaijan army has already used it against Armenia during a war between the two countries, which lead to great losses on the Armenian side.