A museum in Indonesia removed a Nazi-themed exhibit after a wax model of Adolf Hitler that became a selfie attraction caused international outrage. The museum management explained that the waxwork was intended for purely educational purposes.

Wax model of Adolf Hitler

Wax model of Adolf Hitler Photo Credit: Joetraveldiary Instagram/Channel 2 News

The De Arca Statue Museum in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, caused outrage after it enabled visitors to pose for photographs with a wax model of Adolf Hitler. The waxwork was removed on Saturday following complaints made to the management.

The wax replica was placed in front of a background image of the gates of Auschwitz concentration camp and visitors were seen taking selfies near with the Nazi dictator. The photos caused backlash from Jewish organizations worldwide.

The management explained that the waxwork was intended for educational purposes and that they did not wish to “attract outrage.” It was displayed as part of a historical exhibition about Nazism but quickly became an attraction. In some cases, visitors were seen posing while performing the Nazi salute.

The museum’s operations manager Jamie Misbah said he thought it was “normal” for visitors to want to pose with the exhibits but also acknowledged that people were offended by the waxwork and thus the exhibition was removed.

This is not the first case of Nazi controversy in Indonesia. In January, a Nazi-themed café was shut down after years of business due to international condemnation.