A senior FBI supervisor was robbed after spending the night drinking with a woman claiming to be an exotic dancer whom he met at a hotel bar. His personal handgun, expensive watch and cash were stolen. The case has been handed over to internal investigators.

Embarrassing incident for the FBI

Embarrassing incident for the FBI Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

FBI counterterrorism supervisor Robert Manson spent a night in a North Carolina hotel with a woman he met at the hotel bar and fell asleep after drinking heavily. When he woke up, his Glock handgun, $6,000 Rolex and cash from his wallet were all gone. Internal investigators are currently pursuing the case but did not provide further details.

According to local police, Manson was in North Carolina with other agents for training and met the woman, who claimed she was an exotic dancer, at the hotel bar.  Manson’s role in the bureau entailed overseeing all terror investigations in the Midwest. No arrests have been made and the handgun remains missing.