It was cleared for publication Tuesday that a senior Palestinian Preventive Security official was charged with incitement to terrorism after he posted content praising terrorists and glorifying their acts on Facebook. He also posted pictures of Nazi officials.

Jalal Naji Muhammad al-Sawiti

Jalal Naji Muhammad al-Sawiti Photo Credit: Shin Bet/Channel 2 News

A senior Palestinian Preventive Security official in Jenin was arrested by the Shin Bet on suspicion of incitement to terrorism and support of a hostile group, it was cleared for publication Tuesday. The official was arrested after he recently posted content calling for attacks targeting Jewish people and pictures of Nazi regime officials on Facebook. An indictment has been filed against him.   

Jalal Naji Muhammad al-Sawiti, a resident of the Palestinian town of Beit Awwa, holds an important position in the PPS office in Jenin. According to the Israeli security forces, al-Sawiti praised and glorified terrorists who harmed Jewish people in his online posts.  

Some of his posts included the pictures of Adolf Hitler and Adolf Eichmann. He captioned the images by writing that he wishes the Nazi regime would return. The indictment against him was filed Monday night after he was arrested in August.

“It should be stressed that the inciting activity online and on social media in particular provokes impulses and most likely leads to terrorist acts,” the Shin Bet stated. “The Shin Bet will continue to monitor and thwart incitement to terrorist acts online.”